All the details about our MyPlaceofPride 2018 Sponsorship

MyPlaceofPride Sponsorship for 2018

Rotary Palmville and My Place of Pride seeks partners and sponsors for the 2018 contest that will run from November 2017 to April 2018. Email: info@myplaceofpride.com

Sponsorhip Cost:

# Sponsorship Element Silver Level ₹50,000 Gold Level ₹1,00,000 Title ₹3,00,000
1 Naming of the program as :“XXX MyPlaceofPride 2018 Awards” - -
2 Naming of the Award with this sponsor ("ABC") as “XXX myplaceofpride - ABC Overall Award for YYY Category” - -
3 Naming of the Award with this sponsor ("ABC") for each category (such as Villa, Large Apartment etc) in an excellence area (e.g. Waste Management) as:“XXX myplaceofpride - ABC Excellence in Waste Management” for Category X - -
4 Branding on the award certificates
5 Branding on the award trophies - -
6 PA announcements of company’s sponsorship during Launch event and Awards distribution ceremony and multiple Workshops
7 Branding at venue staging area -
8 Booth space during Launch event, workshops and Award ceremony -
9 Video ad during Launch and Award ceremonies - -
10 “Joint” Launch and Award ceremonies - -
11 Branding on website www.myplaceofpride.com
12 Branding in email campaigns
13 Branding across print, radio & outdoor media -
14 Welcome Kit promotional reach (additional/optional)
15 Banners in communities (additional/optional)
16 Ads on website www.myplaceofpride.com (additional/optional)

Utilization of Funds:

The primary objective of MyPlaceofPride is to encourage best practices in community eco-friendliness. The sponsorship funds will be primarily utilized to defray the expenses associated with the program. Any excess funds will be used for the various charity programs that Rotary Bangalore Palmville club undertakes that are aligned to the objectives of MyPlaceofPride.

We are happy to partner with you for CSR projects (Rotary Bangalore Palmville has 80G).


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