What is MyPlaceofPride?
MyPlaceofPride is an unique program to rank and rate communities such as apartments, street blocks, malls, office buildings, localities in terms of the effort taken by its residents to keep them clean , safe , eco friendly etc.
Who is behind MyPlaceofPride?
MyPlaceofPride is a program run by Rotary Bangalore Palmville, a club dedicated to making a difference in the community that we live in association with BPAC (Bangalore Political Action Committee).
Who is eligible to participate?
During its inaugural year (2016) the competition is open for Apartment communities and Villa communities around Bangalore.
How the fund raised utilized
The funds raised by this program will be utilized for the various charity programs that the Rotary club of Bangalore Palmville undertakes which include
1) Transforming various Govt Schools into model schools.

2) Vocational programs for underprivileged youth.

3) Programs for girl students to groom them to be leaders of tomorrow.