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My Place of Pride is the Way to Make Bengaluru a Better Place.

Register Now and Be the Change You Want to See in Bengaluru.

Contest among Communities

My Place of Pride conducts a multi-tiered contest among registered communities.

Expert Committee Inspection

Ranking methods include an expert committee inspection.

Waste, Water & Power

My Place of Pride will conduct free workshops on sustainability for registered participants.

Free Workshops

My Place of Pride regularly conducts free workshops for the communities registered.

Sense of Pride

My Place of Pride restores dignity among Bangaloreons and pride in their city.

Rank & Rewards

My Place of Pride Monitor, Rank, Suggest and Award the Communities Registerd.

My Place of Pride Invitation

Here Is Your Chance to Be a Proud Citizen of Bengaluru.

Bengaluru’s 9.5 million population boasts an 87% literacy rate, but only 2% of her citizens are socially active in beautification projects, or environmental sustainability projects in their communities. My Place of Pride wants to increase that percent.

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